About Susan Call Hutchison

Susan Call Hutchison is the author of the Read-Aloud, Read-Along series of books for learning readers and the Mrs. Middlejoy holiday adventures. Her life-long joy has been to share her love of music, reading and learning with families and students of all ages. Now "retired," she is enjoying publishing her work and blogging from her home in Idaho.

Easter: Somebody’s Love Can Make It Okay

  Easter You know what I think Easter is all about? Life goes on. After winter trees have been stripped bare As if they have no more life to share New spring growth comes out again. Life goes on. You … Continue reading

Legend of the Leprechaun

My husband’s family on his father’s side comes from Ireland.  So naturally, Read-Aloud, Read-Along Rhymes:  Celebrating Holidays and Seasons had to include a poem for St. Patrick’s Day.  My Lucky Leprechaun I dreamed I heard a leprechaun Just before I … Continue reading