Celebrating the Fourth of July

How many, how many happy things Swing High on the Fourth of July
I celebrate on the Fourth of July:
Daddy and I on the backyard swings 
Pretend we’re sailing to the sky.

Mama’s stirring lemonade,
Grandpa’s setting up the grill.
Picnic tables in the shade –
It’s too exciting; I can’t sit still.

Swing high, on the Fourth of July,
Soaring on the summer air,
Down and back up to the sky,
Free to swing as high as I dare.

How many, how many colorful sights
March in the parade for the Fourth of July! 
Independence Day Parade
The brightest blues and reds and whites 
Glitter as all the floats pass by.

It looks like everyone had fun
Choosing special clothes to wear
To celebrate out in the sun.
And flags are flying everywhere.

Fly high, on the Fourth of July!
Shining, red, white and blue,
Proudly wave in the summer sky
Free to fly for all to view.

So many, so many happy things
I celebrate on the Fourth of July.
I’m alive, and I’m free and my glad heart sings
And I want to shout my thanks to the sky.

Waiting, waiting for it to get dark Red, White and Blue
Searching for stars in the long twilight
Stretched out on a blanket in the park
Finally, finally, now it is night.

Soar high on the Fourth of July! 
Into the darkness the sky rockets soar,
Bursting in glory across the sky,
Telling the story of freedom once more.


From Year-Round Read-Aloud, Read-Along Rhymes: Celebrating Holidays and Seasons.

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