Dream Summer

summerbackDream Summer

Oh, a walking stick and a lunch in my pack
And a summer morn on a mountain track.

Or a ball and a bat and and summer day
And a wide, green field and a game to play.

Or a swimming pool in the glorious sun
On a summer afternoon of fun.

Then a backyard meal on a summer eve
When the shadows fall as the guests all leave.

Or a lightning show, turning dark clouds bright,
Sends us all indoors on a summer night.

For a dish of fresh, home-made ice cream
Then a bedtime story and a summer dream.

Previously unpublished work copyright 2013 by Susan Call Hutchison


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About Susan Call Hutchison

Susan Call Hutchison is the author of the Read-Aloud, Read-Along series of books for learning readers and the Mrs. Middlejoy holiday adventures. Her life-long joy has been to share her love of music, reading and learning with families and students of all ages. Now "retired," she is enjoying publishing her work and blogging from her home in Idaho.


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