Mrs. Middlejoy Holiday Books

Mrs. Middlejoy and the Minister’s Cat

(A Christmas Story)
by Susan Call Hutchison

What kind of Christmas Carols do church mice sing?  You might be surprised.

Mrs. Middlejoy is getting ready for Christmas in her cozy mouse house behind the walls of the church Lost and Found Closet.

But fear strikes her church mouse community when a big, gray Cat moves in to the Minister’s study.  Mrs. Middlejoy is godmother to six mice about to see their first Christmas.  And she is determined that fear is NOT part of the Christmas spirit.

Rejoice with Father Churchmouse, tremble with Mrs. Turnwell, and cheer with little Chester as the brave Mrs. Middlejoy takes on the Minister’s Cat.

A little faith and a lot of love make this short chapter book a family favorite for the Christmas season.


Mrs. Middlejoy and the Haunted Churchyard
(A Halloween Story)
by Susan Call Hutchison

What secret haunts the old churchyard north of Mrs. MIddlejoy’s home?

The brave church mouse sets off on her second holiday adventure, and uncovers the fantastic truth.

A mysterious disappearance strikes too close to home, and Mrs. Middlejoy is not about to stand for it.

October dangers lurk in the dead of night.  She’ll need help in the spooky Outdoors.  Can she trust the street rat, Scooter?

Meanwhile, Chester learns mouse martial arts.  The Tangleberry and Turnwell families face their fears while Father Churchmouse keeps the faith.  And the remarkable Mrs. Middlejoy takes on the Haunted Churchyard.

The spunky, spooky story makes this short chapter book a family favorite for Halloween.

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