Ten Reasons Why I Believe in Christmas

Grandma Muriel Call loved Christmas.  Going through her closets, I am finding Christmas treasures she saved over the years.  She clipped this essay by Patricia Curtis from the 1974 “Family Circle” magazine.  I put some photos with it and share it here.


A father and his son beneath a Christmas tree.

Because when human being do something cruel or mean to other human beings, there’s always somebody who protests. 

Children protesting war.


Because babies are born.

A sleeping newborn.


Because when a sea creature, dumb and almost insentient, forms a shell around itself, it makes mathematically perfect whorls and exquisite colors and the most gloriously complex patterns.

A spiral seashell.


Because when things are tough, there’s always somebody who can make you laugh anyway.

A toddler laughing in the rain.


Because most of us feel guilty when we lie or cheat or steal.

Because you can plant a sunflower seed in the ground and be sure that if anything comes up, and it probably will, it will most certainly be a sunflower and won’t double-cross you and come up a petunia instead.

A boy in a field of sunflowers.


Because of the way snow enshrouds the harshest city with marvelous soft white contours and mutes the city noises softly.


Because if you open yourself to it, you can commune with animals and even with plants and other forms of life we share this planet with.


Because pain eventually goes away.


Because even if some people believe it is a legend and not a precisely true event, I think the story of that baby in the manger, the angels, the shepherds and what it all meant to the world is still the most beautiful story I ever heard.

Nativity Scene illuminated by Christmas lights.


Muriel Call would have wanted to share this with you.  Happy Christmas, 2012.

Thanks to Patricia Curtis and Family Circle Magazine.

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